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    Shandong Chunyuan Non-ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd
    Address: East Side Jiabei Road, Linqu East City, Shandong
    Tel: 0536-3159878 3159806
    Fax: 0536-3159878

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Shandong Chunyuan Non-ferrous Metal Co.,Ltd is transformed by "Linqu Non-ferrous Metal Processing Factory " , it is the private enterprise with legal personality.The company was founded in 1985, it is the long-term technical cooperation unit of Baoji Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. , the company establishment replenishes the blank of Shandong Province titanium, nickel processing equipment.


  The main products include titanium and titanium alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, aluminum, copper and stainless steel and other material from the heat interchanger, container, tower device,reaction kettle and chemical using in the production of aluminum pipeline and standard accessories. In 1993 our company develops "60 square metres nickel heat interchanger" signed by the provincial, and gained second prize of national torch technology. The Company carried strictly suitable national standard, industry standard, it has passed national ISO 9001 quality management system certification in 2005 of the same trade .

  It has issued Grade D Pressure Vessel manufacturing licence by General Administration of Quality Supervision,Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China . It was awarded "keep the contract and credit enterprise"by Weifang Administration of Industry and Commerce , Weifang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision recognized measurement qualified unit,and it is Qilu Petrochemical Company outstanding supplier.The Chunyuan company covers the area of 8,350 square metres . Among them,the building construction area is 1,200 square metres, the workshop construction area is 1,800 square metres, storage construction area is 500 square metres, the other construction area is 300 square metres. The company has 50 staff, 5 senior engineers, 14 engineers, 17 professional technicians of titanium, nickel processing .The Company has the fixed assets 6 million yuan. The current capital is 5 million yuan, the production value is 50 million yuan per year,and the profits and taxes are 3.6 million yuan.

  Chunyuan company depends on the excellent enterprise quality,strong technical force,hard product quality,perfect after-sale service to provide truly effective security guard equipment for customers. The company manufactures corrosion


  Equipment for China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Qilu Company branch,YAXING Chemical Co. Ltd, Haihua group, Zhongyuan Oil field, Shengli Oil Field, Jinling Group, Xinhua plant, Dongda Group etc. 200 units,and it is praised by the customer . Chunyuan company carries the quality principle : the quality is the first, the integrity is the basic; Abide by the rules and Joint development.


  Yang Chunyuan,president and general manager of Chunyuan company with all staff warmly welcome new and old customers to guide and negotiate .